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Welcome to the Somerville Municipal Employees Association


Camp No Limits is the only camp for young people with limb loss & their families, creating a network of support for all the campers.


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. 07/17/2014 - Boston Globe Article "Letter: United front needed to keep an affordable Union Square"

07/07/2014 - Boston Globe Article "Boston needs ideas — from Somerville"

07/07/2014 - Boston Globe Article "Will the Green Line Extension make Somerville real estate go crazy?"

07/07/2014 - Boston Globe Article "Officials tweak zoning rules to encourage development"

06/24/2014 - Four Police Chief Finalists - See Bio and come to the Citywide Interview on June 25th where Residents, Community members are invited to submit questions to help choose Somerville’s next Chief of Police

06/17/2014 - Wellness Newsletter to Members

06/17/2014 - Please check out our 2014 Scholarship Winners


Ratification Vote Building/ISD Health Dept
June 19th 2014 11am-1pm


Dear Members,

I am pleased to announce that the Somerville Labor Coalition has joined the group named The Union United Coalition. We strongly believe that the14 groups involved within that coalition have a legitimate concern over who will be the developer in the construction of the green line extension and the revitalization of union square. We have friends and family that live in the union square area and want to ensure that there will be a minimal negative impact once the construction begins and ends.We also strongly advocate for good paying union jobs and affordable housing. We would like to prevent gentrification where long time residents would be forced to leave the city We are also concerned about local businesses that may be moved out of the area due to the possibility of their properties being taken by eminent domain.

The SMEA leadership would also like to ensure that any public building or newly developed park or street are maintained by SMEA members. Under no circumstances do we want to witness outsourcing as we have in the past. Our members should be maintaining this newly developed public property. We see this as a great opportunity and believe that the you as a member of the SMEA should stand with us and the union united coalition and support our efforts. The city is rapidly changing and we do not believe that the SLC and SMEA should be standing on the sidelines without any involvement in the process.

We will be having meetings and rallies on this very important matter and ask that you give us your opinions. We will also be asking you to take time out of your busy schedule to attend these rallies.

The SMEA is a major component of the Somerville Labor Coalition. We have worked tirelessly to create that coalition. We did it because we believe we can no longer be ignored by our local politicians for the the excellent services we provide day in and day out.

In closing, don't remain complacent, your union needs your support, we have a rare opportunity to be involved in something that will help preserve our city's identity. This is where many of our members were raised, where we live and work. We must be part of the process. We will be asking for your assistance in the coming weeks and hope you can help us to help your future.

I encourage you to read the attached articles e mailed to you. They are also on our website. It will give you an idea of what we have been involved in since November 2013. I would also like to thank the group (SCC) Somerville Community Corporation. I consider them to be a friend of labor and a friend of the community. They are constantly working to give opportunities to those who are less fortunate through training and apprentice programs. They have worked to develop affordable housing as well.

Thank you

Ed Halloran SMEA President

In Unity There is Strength

Important Somerville Labor Coalition Joins Union United Announcement click on links below for detail
SLC News Letter (What do Unions do?)

Union United Coalition Letter

Ed O'Donnell's response to Union United's letter


05/01/2014 - Link to Union Square and Development
Greater Somerville Interviews all 4 developer candidates

Somerville Neighborhood News reports on: Union Square Concerns

05/01/2014 - the interview with SCATV Joe Lynch and Gubernatorial candidates - Click here for Detail

04/07/2014 - Wellness Helpful Announcements

04/07/2014 - 9th Annual Employee Perks Fair Vendor Notice

04/07/2014 - Boston Herald columnist Howie Carr: Surefire hack hall of famer

04/07/2014 - “POTHOLE BLITZ:” DPW FILLS 1,147 POTHOLES IN 12 WEEKS Article

04/07/2014 - Hoisting License Continuing Education Training Dates Confirmed The Training's will be held Wednesday April 29, 2014 and Thursday April 30, 2014 at 7:30am At a location to be announced at the DPW.

03/21/2014 - How to De-Stress and achieve emotional wellness

UPDATE 03/28/2014 - Continuing Education Hoisting License Training Dates Confirmed
please click here for detail

Dear Members,

The City currently offers a wellness program to their non-union employees with some very good benefits. I am pleased to announce that this wellness program will now be offered to our members of the SMEA beginning in 2014. This program is designed to allow all non-union employees as well as SMEA member’s wellness activity release time. Employees will be eligible for up to (4) hours per calendar year. You may use this time for annual physical exams, dietician consultations, cancer screenings etc. It is my understanding that these 4 hours will not be deducted from any sick or personal time.

I want to acknowledge the Mayor and his administration for recognizing that everyone’s health is a major component of our everyday on the job performance and in order to perform our daily duties at an optimum level we must take the proper preventive steps to stay healthy. You should also know that this is considered a perk and that this program can be removed if the city decides it would like to discontinue it anytime in the future. We have attached an outline of the wellness activity program as well as a wellness activity release form that explains in detail how the program works. Before using these (4) hours you should consult with either your department head or personnel and they will be able to direct you on what is eligible for wellness time off.

Please go to forms link to download the wellness policy as well as the wellness time off form.

Thank you
In Unity There is Strength
Ed Halloran SMEA President
Jim Roderick Vice President

03/01/2014 - Thank you Letter to the membership about the elections

01/20/2014 - Somerville groups look to guarantee local Green Line Extension jobs

12/29/2013 - Somerville Aldermen hold off on GPS plan for City cars Dec 17, 2013

11/27/2013 - Somerville officials mull installing GPS units in city cars

11/24/2013 - New Anti Harassment Discrimination Policy City of Somerville

11/24/2013 - Fairness in the Workplace article Discrimination

Click here for
Somerville Labor Coalition (SLC) website

Somerville Labor Coalition is Official

The Somerville Labor Coalition (SLC) is established to support, protect, promote and advance the interests of unionized employees within the City of Somerville and surrounding communities, and to engage in such activities that in its discretion it deems appropriate to meet these purposes. "Read more about Somerville Labor Coalition".

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Somerville Labor Coalition Action

The Somerville Labor Coalition needs you to step up and appeal to your legislators to restore real concensus to the MA Group Health Insurance Law(GIC).What was a 70% consensus requirement has been changed to only 51%, thus allowing cities and towns to offer special treatment to larger bargaining units in order to gain concessions overall. Simple majority is not fair. Please download and read the Somerville Labor Coalition's response to the change in the law, "More Than We Bargained For".

"In Somerville, the legislature’s new health care collective bargaining laws allowed the administration to change the rules in the middle of the game, preventing municipal unions from having their voice heard and vote counted at the bargaining table. It’s not fair in sports and it’s not fair in your workplace."
Stand up for fair dealing for municipal workers!
Call your legislator and ask them to do the right thing
Restore the 70% rule
Give voice to all in collective bargaining!

(Download the Somerville Labor Coalition's response: "More Than We Bargained For").


H3789, the “Evergreen fix”, enacted!

Great news for all public sector employees! MA House Bill 3789 - 187th General Court, an act relative to the terms of collective bargaining agreements - passes and is signed by the Governor, Chapter 198 of the Acts of 2011, November 22, 2011.

Download the bill (PDF)


We are a non-profit association. This page was created for all its members to use for association matters, and contains many useful links and references.

To all SMEA members:
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Thank You

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We will be conducting our Monthly board of rep’s meetings Wednesday nights at 5pm at the Mount Vernon restaurant. We will begin promptly at 5pm. We hope to see many of you there. You do not have to be a rep to come to the meeting. Stay informed, ask questions and give your opinion and have a bite to eat. Remember, if you neglect these meetings then someone else will be making decisions for you and you don’t want that do you? Be part of the process.

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