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04/15/2015 --------------------------------------------

It is with sadness we announce the passing of Tony Ferrelli's Mother. Services are at Dello Russo Funeral Home, at 306 Main Street Medford.
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04/15/2015 --------------------------------------------

Somerville enlists Secret Residents to Monitor city services
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04/06/2015 --------------------------------------------

On April 14th Tuesday 4pm-6pm, Wage Action Rally in Boston, Forsyth Park.
People of all walks of life will join together nationwide
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04/06/2015 --------------------------------------------

2015 PERKS FAIR FLYER on April 30, 2015 9:30am-4pm
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Dear Members,

The AFL-CIO as well as the PFFM are calling for a massive rally at the State House.

This Rally is to educate or legislators on the impact of recent GIC cost shifting measures. Please urge your members to attend and let their lawmakers know about the impact these changes have on working families.

If you would like to attend and can get the time off please contact SMEA Vice President Jim Roderick as he will be going to the rally with several SMEA members.

Best Regards,

Tommy Ross, President
Somerville Firefighters Local 76

03/29/2015 --------------------------------------------

Dear Members,

March 30, 2015 Please take a moment to read the following attachment concerning health the GIC's insurance enrollment timeline and the deadline. It has been sent to all city employees as well as retirees.The city will be conducting workshops to better explain the recent plan design and shift cost to city employees, as well as assisting you to help explain any new plans you may be considering. Again, any questions concerning the new rates should be posed directly to the city.

Thank you again
In unity There is Strength
Ed Halloran SMEA President
GIC Annual Enrollment Apr 8-May 6 2015
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03/28/2015 --------------------------------------------

Workers urge union hires for construction at Assembly Square (Somerville Journal)
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03/01/2015 --------------------------------------------

Letter to SMEA Members,
GIC Benefit Plan Design changes for FY2016
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02/13/2015 --------------------------------------------

Dear Members,

These past 3 weeks beginning January 24, 2015 have been challenging for all of us as we have experienced historical snowfalls never seen before. I would like to personally acknowledge everyone of our members who have and continue to brave these harsh conditions while removing snow. They have worked tirelessly with little rest and sleep. I encourage you to read and watch a video produced by channel 5 as it speaks of recent fatalities involving snowplow operators and the public. Our members at the DPW need consistent safety rest periods but unfortunately these breaks have been inconsistent. I and vice president Roderick have had meetings with the DPW Commissioner to discuss this very important matter. The union negotiated safety breaks into our 2012 contract and expect that these breaks be properly administered by the administration. Our goal is safety and to avoid injuries and possible fatalities. Its amazing how our members continue to perform under these conditions.

I thank them as I am proud to work beside one of the best municipalities in the state.

Thank you for the support at this time. In Unity There is Strength

Ed Halloran SMEA President

News 5 article report Snow Plowing hours of operation safety with Video report
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01/08/2015 - Winter Group Insurance Commission (GIC) Benefit News

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Somerville Labor Coalition (SLC) website

Somerville Labor Coalition is Official

The Somerville Labor Coalition (SLC) is established to support, protect, promote and advance the interests of unionized employees within the City of Somerville and surrounding communities, and to engage in such activities that in its discretion it deems appropriate to meet these purposes. "Read more about Somerville Labor Coalition".

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Somerville Labor Coalition Action

The Somerville Labor Coalition needs you to step up and appeal to your legislators to restore real concensus to the MA Group Health Insurance Law(GIC).What was a 70% consensus requirement has been changed to only 51%, thus allowing cities and towns to offer special treatment to larger bargaining units in order to gain concessions overall. Simple majority is not fair. Please download and read the Somerville Labor Coalition's response to the change in the law, "More Than We Bargained For".

"In Somerville, the legislature’s new health care collective bargaining laws allowed the administration to change the rules in the middle of the game, preventing municipal unions from having their voice heard and vote counted at the bargaining table. It’s not fair in sports and it’s not fair in your workplace."
Stand up for fair dealing for municipal workers!
Call your legislator and ask them to do the right thing
Restore the 70% rule
Give voice to all in collective bargaining!

(Download the Somerville Labor Coalition's response: "More Than We Bargained For").


H3789, the “Evergreen fix”, enacted!

Great news for all public sector employees! MA House Bill 3789 - 187th General Court, an act relative to the terms of collective bargaining agreements - passes and is signed by the Governor, Chapter 198 of the Acts of 2011, November 22, 2011.

Download the bill (PDF)


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Board of Rep’s Monthly Meeting Reminder
We will be conducting our Monthly board of rep’s meetings Wednesday nights at 5pm at the Mount Vernon restaurant. We will begin promptly at 5pm. We hope to see many of you there. You do not have to be a rep to come to the meeting. Stay informed, ask questions and give your opinion and have a bite to eat. Remember, if you neglect these meetings then someone else will be making decisions for you and you don’t want that do you? Be part of the process.

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